I love winter weddings. They feel so different to summer weddings, with a coziness to them that can make the day feel even more romantic.

The low sun in the sky. The festive feel. The twinkly lights around the buildings and on the trees. It all adds to a fantastic atmosphere on the day. And, given the right approach, it also creates some great opportunities for photography.

Challenges and Opportunites of Winter Wedding Photography

As well as great opportunities, there are some challenges when photographing a winter wedding. To point out the obvious, there isn’t as much daylight, and it isn’t around for as long.

When you look back at your wedding photographs from your winter wedding, you want photographs that remind you of the romantic, cozy and beautiful day that you experienced.

However, with the wrong photographer you can be left with at worst blurry or overly flash lit photographs, and at best photographs that lack the sense of feel and atmosphere that you remember.

Fear not. There are some simple things that can help a whole lot to get the photographs you really want from your winter wedding!

Plan the timings of your day

When I photograph any wedding, I always want to make sure that I fit in around the plans for the day, rather than dictating them. You want a candle lit ceremony at 4.30pm after the sun has gone down? No problem, we’ll get some amazing photographs (true story, have a look at this same-sex Nottinghamshire wedding).

However, I also want to give as much advice as you want before the day so that you get the perfect photographs. When you’re planning a winter wedding, timings are more important than usual. With limited daylight available it’s important to have a plan for when you’re going to get the day time photographs that you want.

There are some things you can consider to help with this.

Have an earlier ceremony

If you want to have a winter wedding, but also want lots of time for photographs while it is still daylight, then the most obvious solution is to have an early ceremony.

If you have a late ceremony, and the sun is setting at 3.30, then there isn’t a great amount of time in between the end of the ceremony and it going dark. If you love the look of photographs taken indoors or after sunset then this isn’t a problem, but if you’re hoping to get outside for some photographs then it is something to consider.


Once the sun has gone it’s gone. But with the dark of the night time comes lots of other possibilities for interesting photographs.

In the evening I love to use any interesting lighting that is around the venue to make creative photographs. Some venues come with an abundance of interesting lights already installed, but if you are working with a venue that comes as a blank canvas, then adding some interesting lights can really help create the mood you want.

It’s really amazing what can be done with a little bit of interesting light!

Wrap Up Warm

A little bit of warmth can go a long way! I don’t spend hours on couples portraits on your wedding day (neither in summer or winter), but even so, 5-10 minutes outside in a wedding dress can start you make you very cold! A wrap or a shrug can really help to keep you a little warmer (as well as a big hug from your new husband of course!).

And Finally…Get a Good Photographer

Ok ok, I know. I’m a little bit biased on this one. But more than ever it’s important to have someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to Winter Weddings.

Cameras have come a long way in the last few years, but in the wrong hands you can still end up with bad photographs. The skill is not just to make a photo bright enough (which modern cameras are very good at), the skill is to do that whilst keeping the mood and feel.

You want wedding photographs that really show off the atmosphere of the day, and capture how it felt to be there. And I want to capture that for you.


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