There’s something a little bit special about Christmasy Winter Weddings. I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s the twinkly lights that are around, maybe it’s the feeling of being cosy indoors when it’s cold outside, maybe it’s the festive mood in the air (or maybe it’s just because I love Christmas a little bit too much for a man my age).

Laina and Alex’s wedding at the Pheasantry Brewery in Nottinghamshire was one exception to this. Not only that, but it was also full of fun, laughter and lots of emotion.

For me, emotion is the whole game. It’s the thing that important at weddings. That doesn’t always been tears or huge smiles, sometimes it’s more subtle, but however it’s shown that’s what I really look to capture during a wedding day. The emotions and the connections between people are what make weddings what they are. There was a moment during the speeches where Alex was tried to tell Laina just how much she meant to him. His voice cracked. His head tilted downward. Laina’s hand came up to wipe away a tear from her own eye. Sometimes those moments mean more than the ceremony itself. It’s so raw, so real, it’s significance means so much.

That moment is one of several emotion-filled images included from there day below.

I hope you enjoy looking through these. I’m looking forward to capture lots more moments like these at some winter weddings coming up later this year. If you’re planning a winter wedding and want this type of coverage then please do get in touch!

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