I absolutely loved every second of this wedding.

Baz and Stevie have been together for years, and already have three beautiful children. There’s something really special about a couple who’ve been together for so long, gathering all their friends and family together to celebrate their commitment to each other.

There was an extra depth in every line they said to each other, every vow they took, and speech that was made. They’ve already been there for each other for years, already had highs and lows, and already demonstrated their commitment to each other. So the day felt like a celebration in the truest sense.

I started off the day at Baz and Stevie’s house, where Stevie was surrounded by family and bridesmaids as she got ready. Straight away I knew what a great day this was going to turn out to be, as I walked in to a room full of laughter and smiles which the Champagne just opened.

There was a warmth to everyone who was there, and it’s a feeling that carried on as the day progressed.

You can see the emotion that ran throughout the day in the photographs here. There were very few eyes that stayed dry during the speeches, and Stevie and Baz’s little girl brought the house down!

I recently heard someone say that love isn’t something you say, it’s something that you do. And in that light, it felt like the words that were said at Baz and Stevie’s wedding were a confirmation of what was already obvious for all to see.

Keep an eye out in the photos below for the moment that a piece of sparkler falls and hits Baz on the head!


What an amazing set. Love the dance shots

Such stunning photographs – they really capture the emotion of everyone sharing in what must have been an amazing day. Gorgeous ?

Beautiful Pete. Love the photo of the mum and daughter hug.

The photos captured the day perfectly, beautifully done & so natural. Stunning, thank you.

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