What an emotional day this turned out to be!

Before the wedding day Annie had warned me that the final section of the day, the Doli, was likely to be emotional. I still wasn’t prepared for the amount of raw emotion I saw and photographed.

It was emotional, touching and, in it’s own way, beautiful. An outpouring of love and sadness that Annie was leaving the family home to start a new life with her husband.

There were so many parts of this day that I absolutely adored. The ‘negotiation’ when Kay arrived at Annie’s house, for him to be allowed in, was incredibly fun (and fiercely fought! Annie’s friends and relatives weren’t in the mood for letting him off lightly!).

Way before all of that was the beautiful ceremony itself, and the meeting of the families beforehand. All of which was full of so many different emotions. I’ve rarely seen so many tears and so much laughter in the same day.

Here’s a small selection of the photographs from the day. A big thanks to my friend Shaun Taylor for being second photographer for me on this one! Some of the images from the pre-ceremony section here are his.


So much colour. Love it

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