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There’s probably one phrase that I hear more than any other when I meet couples before their wedding day…“I hate having my photo taken!”

I think partly the reason that I hear this a lot is because my style of natural documentary wedding photography attracts people who don’t want to be stood for hours forcing a grin at the camera (I talk about my style more in this article if you’d like to read more).

It’s not that you don’t want great photographs of you both, it’s just that you don’t want it to take over the day. You don’t want to be stood feeling awkward when you could be having a drink with your guests. You don’t want to be told where to stand when you could be catching up with your old university friends.

And the truth is, the best photographs, well they aren’t the posed ones anyway are they? The photographs that matter, that truly resonate, are the ones that take you back to how you felt on your wedding day. It’s not the scripted and forced photographs that you’ll look back at with fond memories, it’s the ones that represent a real moment in your life, one that was full of emotion.

But I do want photographs of the two of us, I just don’t want them to be awkward

Photographs of the two of you together don’t need to be awkward and over scripted. They also don’t need to take hours!

Your wedding photographs should tell the story of your wedding day, but they shouldn’t BE the story of your wedding day. You don’t want to lose hours of your wedding day to standing around for photographs, or for your friends and family to be wondering where you are while the photographer takes you away for hours of couples photographs.

We can get some really nice, natural looking, and creative photographs of the two of you without it taking over the day. It’s not like a magazine photoshoot, I won’t be trying to pose you in a way that feels completely unnatural. It’ll just be the two of you hanging out and enjoying being married.

When taking ‘posed’ photographs of the two of you I still want to keep it feeling really natural. It’s your wedding day, you’re in love, and you’re having fun. We really don’t need to add too much more into the mix to get a great photograph of the two of you.

What about my Mum’s mantelpiece?

As much as you’d love to do exactly what you want on your wedding day the truth is that weddings are about families too. As much as you love the natural documentary style of photography, there’s still a place on your Mum’s mantlepiece for that photograph of the two of you on your wedding day where you’re both looking at the camera. Don’t worry! A nice ‘looking straight at the camera’ photograph can be added into the mix without that style taking over, and it’ll only take 20 seconds.

Here’s an example

The best photographs are real moments

There are only so many hours available on your wedding day, and you have to choose how to prioritise them. Do you want to spend time together celebrating? Do you want to catch up with friends and family who you’ve not seen for too long? Do you want to dance and laugh and embrace the moment? Or….do you want to stand for hours for photographs?

With limited time, the choices you make about how you spend your time will be reflected in your photographs. And whilst it might seem an odd thing to say, it can actually be that the less time you allocate to your photographs the better your photographs will be. That sounds ridiculous, right? I’ll explain what I mean…

The best photographs are the ones that document real moments. The more time that you spend posing, the less time there is for real moments to happen. If you’re tied up for over an hour with family photographs and couple’s photographs, that’s an hour of real authentic interactions that’s been lost. Instead of a photograph of you hugging and chatting with your best friend, there’s another static group shot.

The more time there is for you to interact with your guests and loved ones, the more opportunity there is to create photographs of those moments.

Real moments you can’t recreate…

Just relax and enjoy your day

So the best way to get great natural photographs? Just relax and enjoy your day. We can do some short sessions of ‘posed’ photographs without intruding on the day, but the key to getting really great photographs is to not worry about posing at all.

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Want to find out more? Request an information pack below…

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Getting married on the 10th August 2019 and would love an information pack and pricing. Thank you in advance

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