It’s not a very well kept secret that I love Delbury Hall Weddings.

It seems to be a venue that attracts some pretty special weddings, and Nicola and Anthony’s was no exception at all.

Although I’ve been at Delbury Hall quite a few times now, this was my first time being there in the spring. Pulling up to there on the morning of the wedding and seeing all of the blossom out in it’s full glory, I knew I needed to find some opportunities to make the most of it.

Nicola and Anthony live over in the US in New York City. Anthony is an American and Nicola originally from Shropshire. They were already married before this day. They had a very small ceremony in New York, but this day at Delbury Hall was the day to celebrate with all of their friends and family.

The great thing about already being legally married was that they could have their own officiant for the ceremony. Step forward one very excited and emotional friend who did an amazing job (take a look at her reaction in some of the ceremony photographs!). There was something very special about those emotional and heartfelt words of commitment being said by a close friend of theirs.

So under the slightly grey typical English sky Nicola and Anthony had a beautiful wedding ceremony outside in the grounds of Delbury Hall.

A First Look

Not many people in the UK have heard of a ‘first look’, but it’s something that is much more common in the US.

Before the ceremony, out in the gardens with no one else around, Nicola and Anthony met to see each other before the ceremony.

I can hear the gasps of horror coming through the screen now from many of you who love that tradition of a couple seeing each other for the first time as she walks down the aisle. But you know what, it was actually a really beautiful moment between them. Anthony’s face said everything that needs to be said as he turned around under the blossom tree.

A beautiful ceremony led seemlessly into a beautiful reception. Despite many of the American guests getting a taste of a traditional English spring, the mixed weather did nothing to dampen any moods in the slightest.

Emotional and funny speeches followed before the evening really got underway and the dancing began.

There’s a song that I’ve always said to my wife Catherine that we would have as our first dance if we were getting married now, and it’s one that I’m suprised by how little I hear it as a first dance song. So when Ben Fold ‘The Luckiest’ came on at the start of their dance I was smiling behind my camera as I snapped away.

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