I’ve photographed over 300 weddings. Small. Large. Formal. Informal. Heatwaves. Snow. Long days. Short days. So it’s unusual to have a wedding recently where something is a ‘first’ for me.

Well…at Alice and Jacob’s wedding I witnessed the first time I’ve seen a Best Man receive a deliver a 10 minute spoken word poem / rap and receive a standing ovation and be congratulated personally by almost every guest! It. Was. Incredible.

To be fair, the other speeches were pretty damn good too! And the level of preparation and dedication that Jacob’s best man put into that speech spoke absolute volumes about Alice and Jacob as a couple and as people.

The whole day was spent at Darwin Lake Holiday Park. A beautiful little location hidden in the countryside between Matlock and Chesterfield. Set by a lake, and on a mostly sunny day, it was the perfect setting for a day of laughter, happy tears, and celebration.


Stunning work Pete! From a fellow flothemes buddy based down in Essex.

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