I recently wrote a post giving some advice on planning a winter wedding, so what better way to follow that up than a blog post from a wedding this winter!

Ella and Rich’s wedding was at the beautiful Compton Verney in Warwickshire just before Christmas.

I spent the morning at Ella’s parent’s house among the excitement of Ella and her bridesmaids. It’s one of my favourite parts of a wedding day, when so many really emotional moments take place. Her group of bridesmaids had been friends for years and the emotion and sense of excitement were turned right up to eleven.

After their church ceremony, the rest of the day was spent at the stunning location that is Compton Verney. It’s an art gallery set in a grand country house, and has amazing grounds to match.

Here are the photographs!


I had hoped to get Chris Terry to do the photography at my daughter’s wedding on July 15th 2017, because I like his style, but he finds he cannot make it.
Out of the list of other photographers he recommends that your work is the closest to his.
Are you available.?
The wedding is at 3.00pm at St Marys Church in Mappleton nr Ashbourne, and afterwards at home, The Hall, Hinchley Wood, Mappleton, DE6 2AB, three hundred meters distance.
We do not want to include the modern concept of the bride getting dressed etc, (nor panoramic views of the valley with the couple on the bridge!!) but family and guests impromptu, which you seem to take so well, as well as the traditionalgroups.
Please supply a quotation
My telephone number is 01335 350 219

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