Emma and George Favourite

This is the first post in a new series on the blog where I have asked a past bride to choose their favourite image from their wedding. I realised that when I post about a couple’s wedding day, it is always from my own perspective, but what really matter’s is what the couple thinks and how they feel about their wedding photographs. First up is an image from Emma and George’s winter wedding in Nottinghamshire last December.

When I asked Emma to choose a single image her first reaction was “how on earth am I going to just choose one?!”, which is always nice to hear! Eventually she chose this image (which also happens to be one of my favourites too), and this is her explanation as to why she chose it.

“I love this photo as I really feel it captures a special moment during our winter wedding. Every time I look at the photo it takes me right back to the moment and I love how my bridesmaids have been caught so naturally.

A photo I will always cherish, that gives me goose bumps and makes me wish we could do it all over again.”

It’s fair to say that Emma’s description of why she likes that photograph put a huge smile on my face.

Behind the shot

This images was taken towards the end of the first dance. I had chosen my position to capture the twinkling fairy lights in the background. I had already made a few photographs of the couple on their own during the first dance by this point. I saw the two bridesmaids enter the dance floor to the right and knew I wanted to include them in the shot. After that, it all became about timing and waiting for the right moment to capture their expressions and really make the photograph work.

I recently added Emma and George’s wedding to my feature weddings section in the gallery. Have a look here at some more of their Nottinghamshire Wedding Photography.


She chose well! Cracking shot and a great idea for a series. I’ll look foward to other brides favs.

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